Responsible Fashion Accessories -Top 3 issues with 1 answer

responsible fashion

responsible fashion

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What is the meaning of responsible fashion accessories? What does that mean to individual consumers? What can individuals do?

It started with many other buzzwords and ended up getting lost in its meaning to individuals. I would like to share my understanding of how I can make a difference when it comes to responsible fashion accessories.

Lets look at the three key issues we hear about the most and explore them here: Where it was manufactured, Who is making it & Waste from consumer.

Where it was manufactured or made?  We are consumers everyday from groceries to cloud services. It is nearly impossible to even begin to understand where our purchases come from as with the multitude of corporations, shipping and countries linked to the end product or services. The other issue is our lack of trust when it comes to not knowing anything about them. Often the negativity of corporations just not caring is an emotional drain.

Who is making my product or service? With the increased population, growing demands and global integration it can be anyone’s guess. Celebrities are caught not knowing where and how the products they have put their name on front and centre only to find out later it was a sweatshop with unethical working conditions. It is a two fold delema to want to help out poorer nations however, conditions such as age, hours and poor working conditions are most often kept quiet even from large corporation who source them out. Our products are made from faceless beings or robots.

Where do our consumer goods go after we have used them, when become bored with them or they are thrown away for the next seasonal trend? Giving them away to thrift shops is a great idea but it only relieves us of having to throw it out. Eventual all those lime green pants and puffy coats go to landfills. Garbage is a huge burden to all cities with having to send it out further and further as the population grows, so does the waste.

It is a heavy issue to bare as we are all responsible one way or another with how to become a more responsible being on our beautiful and wonderful blue planet.

How to eat and elephant is taking one bite at a time or a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step or many hands make light work. Baby steps is my favourite from What about Bob We can make a difference when a lot of people doing it.

Wherever possible:

Choose locally produced. I live in a northern climate so bananas and lemons are always brought in but whenever seasonal produce are harvested is when we can purchase locally.

Support individuals and small companies where it can be clearly understand and it easy to know who is making it. These entrepreneurs are people who have to try harder than the big companies as they do everything to run their establishments but ultimately, they are so passionate for what they do and have an overwhelming desire to do their best for those who support them.

Consume less, live more.

So, buy better in order to buy less. This is likely the number one key component. Trends are in our face and become so compelling to be like everyone else and to be in the now. Unfortunately, trends are over just as quick as they rushed in. Keeping up with fashion can be daunting and expensive as closets become fuller and fuller with ‘nothing to wear’. Sometimes we change weight and items do not fit well any longer. Mostly, however it is the stuff that are poorly made, looks terrible after only a few times being worn and those out of date trends no one wants to be caught in wearing public.

Again, buy better quality and less items over all. It is a wonderful and personally fulfilling solution to responsible fashion accessories. Striking out to be an individual is less time consuming too which leaves a lot of time and money to get together with people that matter in our lives to share laughs and hugs.

URBRIMS are high quality hats and bags, made by hand, by me, Nicole Bourdon of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I only make one at a time, one of a kind so that individuals only need a few wonderful hats to transform any outfit. My hand bags are all very unique, fun to carry and replace plastic throw aways, as a better choice alternative.

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