Hat Trend for 2018-2019

hat trend 2018-2019

hat trend for 2018-2019

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Hat trend for 2018-2019

Hats are back. Pick one to three hats you like and start to incorporating them in your daily wardrobe. Hats look terrific with jeans, shorts and suits. If you have never gone for hats before, you are in for a pleasant surprise. You will love them – when it’s the right hat for you.

Below are the three best and most important hat trend for 2018-2019. Plus, let’s look at how to pick a hat and some other important features to consider, when choosing a hat.

How to pick a hat?

Picking a hat is almost as difficult as picking your first house. ‘Will I like it, is it worth it, will I have problems with it, what will people say.’ Most of these hat trend for 2018-2019questions can be asked when doing something for the first time. Wearing a hat seems like a strange thing to do when you have never worn them before. Like anything else, it can be a lot of fun. Get excited and just start wearing them.

This season brings more and more hats out from vintage styles. How much fun can that be! But first, get over some of the past stigmas many people have towards hats.

Many of us have seen movies where actors are wearing hats. Probably one image that taints a negative feeling is the smooth-talking gangster. No wonder the thought of wearing a hat can be appalling to ‘I hate hats’.  Hats can impress strong feelings for the viewer especially over the past 50 years as they have seldom been seen but to only condor up negative images.

Here are a few characters who wore hats that will quickly bring those images to mind:

Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones, John Wayne in all western movies, Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, 1942’s Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca saying ‘here’s looking at you kid’ and Audrey Hepburn. Recently many rappers wear a baseball cap sideways or backwards as part of their persona; Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Eminem conjure up quick images.hat trend for 2018-2019

Other hats often seen are for military and uniforms. With authority comes the desire look tall and imposing. The more a country wants to look meaner, the larger and taller the hat.

Gangsters form the 1920’ to 1950’s and fictional gangster movies often depicted in New York and Chicago. These gangsters such as Al Capone, ‘Bugsy’ and ‘Lucky’ Luciano ruled the streets, ruined families and businesses, corruption, malaise, drugs and killings. These larger than life celebrities grew in popularity as nothing could stop them being above the law. It was very important for them to look the part and they would dress to the nines with custom suits and of course a hat. These were their costumes by which they were easily recognizable, that’s for darn sure, as that was exactly what they wanted.


URBRIMS Guide to the best hats to wear. Hat Trend 2018-2019

So, lets look at the new insurgent of hats t and into the next few years in the fashion world. Some of these hats will be familiar while others will not be as familiar. With new fabric and trendyfabric prints, these classic styles can take on a whole new look. They can appear conservative to outrageous. What are some details to look for?


Lined or not lined

Does a hat need to be lined or not?hat trend for 2018-2019

Hat lining is more of a luxury than necessity. When a hat is lined, it usually reflects a quality and care that would be expected from a higher priced and higher quality hat.  Mass production hats are made quick and cheaply, as long as shown acceptable when worn. The lining functions as a protection between the hat and head where the hair and oil will, in time penetrate into the hat. This oily soiling is difficult to remove and often with a cheap hat, it quickly will be disposed of after only a season or two. The lining can become a private, personalized characteristic of the hat and only for the eyes of the wearer. Lining used are of silk, satin or cotton which provide a nice added comfort to the hat.

The aesthetic and function are equal to a suit jacket lining or coat lining. The lining will also conceal any thread stitches that have been used when sewing on decorations and ornaments onto the exterior. Linings add comfort, elegance and quality to a garment. A growing popular flair is to sport floral, geometric graphics, cartoons, stripes, a wide assortment of colors including vibrant and florescent colors. The traditional lining tend to be more conservative only for function therefore, not to be noticeable in thin strips, paisley and solid black, brown and red colors.

The lining can be replaced easily when it is only tacked in place, however when it is sewn under the sweat band, both the sweat band and lining can be replaced by a qualified hat maker or milliner.


The Band and Sweat Bandhat trend for 2018-2019

The band is on the exterior of the hat for visual trimming and decor. The band can be really anything that will wrap around the crown, within the vicinity of  where the brim and crown meet. The best quality ribbon will be a Petersham grosgrain ribbon in cotton, silk or rayon. As ribbon manufacturing is decreasing in production, finding the cotton, silk or rayon is difficult. The most popular is polyester ribbon which is easier and cheaper to produce. Grosgrain ribbon has the ribbed or zigzagged edging which allows for the ribbon to mold to the curvature of the hat. Petersham ribbon has no boarder on the edge therefore is by far, the superior choice for hats. The final function of the band is to cover any stitching that might have been used when attaching  the interior sweat band.

The sweat band is in the interior of the hat. The sweat band function is to allow for a better fit around the head and to absorb sweat. The band will also greatly benefit in keeping the hat shape over time.  It can be made of leather or ribbon. Darker colors are a better choice as natural face oils and makeup will mark the sweat band. By using a slightly moistened tissue or cloth with mild soap can used to clean it. Lightly dabbing the band just until any soil has lifted.  This method can maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the band. It time though, the sweat band should be replaced when damaged, worn, cracked or very soiled. When replacing the sweat band, this can be an optimum time to update the lining.


Hat Size & Head Size:

When ever possible, always go with the hat measurement not the hat size. It is very important to know your head size by centimeters or inches. Here is the correct way to measure so that you get a perfect fit, every time.

Measure your head in order to know the right hat for you. With a measuring tape, place over the ears and around the head & meet up at the center of forehead for your size.

Note: You can hat trend for 2018-2019round up maximum of 0.5 cm for a good fit however do not round down as it will always to be too snug. Foam strip inserts can be added for a snugger fit by placing under the sweat band first, in back then if required in front as well. This will take up approximately 0.35-0.75cm of the circumference when up sizing a hat.






Hat trend for 2018-2019

Here are the top three:

hat trend for 2018-2019#1 The Beret

Some of us know it as a ‘Tam’ but now they are simply called Beret.  It is a cotton, woolen or fabric circular hat worn higher to one front side making the roundness fuller on the opposite side to the back. The Beret is a cute and adorable look. It is a very simply way to dress up any outfit. Depending on the fabric it will look dresser or more casual.

The ‘Tam’ was named from Tam O’Shanter a Scottish military hat worn by the soldiers in the 1600’s, then referred to as ToS. Originally made of wool and with the colors and designs of their tartan. They were made by stretching wool over a wooden form to obtain the flat top shape. Not until the in the mid19th century, women began wearing it calling it a Tam or Tammy. Today some military regiments continue to wear them using different colors for their battalion in khaki color with their service dress and some areas the ToS are red. The Hong Kong police bagpipe band wear the ToS in black and red.

The beret style goes back to the bronze ages across norther Europe down to Crete and Italy. Such beret head gear were known to only be worn by nobility and artists.  Around the mid 1800’s the working class and shepherds began to wear them in France and Spain. The beret then turned in to sports wear and as a fashion statement around 1920’s throughout Western societies.  The beret conjures the image of a painter wearing the beret holding a long paint brush in one hand and a painting pallet in the other hand.

2018-2019 Trend, the beret is worn as solid colors to multiple colors and prints.  Berets can have the little ‘stem’ piece sewn at the top center. The stem is optional as without it creates a more stream lined look however, the stem has the fun and sporty appeal.  It can be made from leather, denim, wool, cotton and it can be knitted. Try out the updated version with netting that can be worn over the hat top or the netting can be pulled down over the face for a wondrous, upscale look!


hat trend for 2018-2019

#2 Baker Boy

The baker boy hat is a huge hit seen on many celebrities and both men and women. It has a really fun and casual attitude.  The baker boy is often referred to for any cap with a front visor worn over the eyes but the baker boy is not including the baseball cap.

The many types of hats with a brim over the eyes greatly varies from a captain’s cap, newspaper boy hat, derby, flat cap and poor boy cap. They do have a nice variety from having a crisp, ninety-degree edges of the captain cap look to the soft, mushroom shape of the six or eight-piece poor boy cap.  It is simply a matter of personal preference as to which is the favorite. Each style will have an overall appeal to an outfit but mostly presenting a casual and relaxed look with a well put together look.

The newspaper boy, newsy, newsboy hat, driving and flat cap are easily recognizable by the brim being attached to the top section. This style was very popular in the late 1800 into 1920’s primarily worn by the working class. Boys were seen on streets selling newspapers while men worn them on the docs, steel workers and farmers were wearing the flat caps for sun and rain protection.  The upper class quickly began wearing them for a sporty look. The style became commonly seen at well-to-do country clubs, hunting, sailing and driving convertible sports cars and on wealthy golfers. These hats are made from plaid or printed wool fabric, knitted and cotton fabrics.

hat trend for 2018-2019       hat trend for 2018-2019     hat trend for 2018-2019

The captain’s hat on tend is a more ridged, raised with a squared shaped. Made from leather, canvas and thick wool these hats give a more militant or structured look. They most often are as black, navy blue color and white.  A nice embellishment is with a rope or chain just above the brim with buttons attached on either side. A crest can also be attached on the upper part for a militant look.

The shape with six to eight panels often made with wool, denim or cotton gives the mushroom like appearance.  The multi panels are constructed in a V-shape and when sewn together the other edges balloon outward at the edges. This is a very relaxed look regardless of the fabric. Netflix Becky Blinders characters are seen wearing in dark blue wool solid or plaid style, based on 1920’s central England gangsters.

2018-2019 Wearing a baker boy hat is all about your personal statement. Choose from the variety of above styles. Would a solid black or navy be your choice? Or perhaps, a classic Scottish tartan or tan with brown herringbone wool is your thing? There is such a wide variety of fabrics to choose from making this style alone one of the reasons for its huge popularity for both men and women of all ages. Try out the updated version with netting that is either worn over the top or the netting can be pulled down over the face for a wondrous, upscale look!


hat trend for 2018-2019

#3 Fedora Hat

The fedora hat style has such a classy look for both men and women. When worn with jeans, it makes it better. When wearing a fedora with a suit, the overall look is amazing. Let us look at why everyone needs a fedora or Trilby, for sure.

The classic fedora has a pinched crown, average brim of  approximately 2 inches that is all around the crown, a downward brim at the front and back. It seems many, many hats are called a fedora, making this confusing and likely the main reason why it can be difficult choosing a hat. No need to fear wearing the ‘wrong’ hat. The good news is there is no wrong hat.

A fedora can have various crown shapes. From pinched in the front, pinched in the back or both, higher on one side, creased down the center, domed and dipped. The choice is according to the overall shape for an individuals head shape or simply, personal preference.

A classy shape for a fedora and trilby is when the downed brim is only to one side while the other side is flipped up or ‘snapped up’. This is a very sultry look for women with the asymmetrical shape is flattering to the face.

hat trend for 2018-2019     hat trend for 2018-2019     hat trend for 2018-2019


hat trend for 2018-2019

The Trilby often called a Fedora, has a smaller brim than a Fedora with the shaped crown.

Here are a few samples of the different hats:

hat trend for 2018-2019

The Charlie Chaplin hat was a Bowler

Indian Jones hat is a Fedora

Leonard Cohen wore a Trilby

Cowboy hat is a cowboy hat

Pillbox Hat worn by Jackie O

hat trend for 2018-2019
Cowboy Hat






hat trend for 2018-2019
Pillbox Hat

Congratulations on getting the perfect hat. Be prepared to tell the many admirers whose hat you are sporting and where they can get one, too. Enjoy them for years to come!  Read on for bonus hat etiquette and how to store your hat.

Bonus information; hat etiquette.

Looking for more hats? Hat etiquette is likely most asked about.

The best rule of thumb is when in doubt, remove your hat from your head.

There used to be many hat rules in the 1900’s to 1950’s as nearly everyone wore them outside the home. With so many people wearing hats there had to be some rules as to when to remove them and where to place them once removed. Hats lost their popularity once people were getting around more in vehicles as it was cumbersome to enter a vehicle with a hat on. Also, with more vehicles then the outdoor elements were no longer an issue to keep dry or warm with the use of hats.

As hats were needed for outdoor walking and public transportation these hats were actually quite dirty. Yes. Men were expected to keep their hat closely held towards their chest, with the crown outwards when removed in order to hide the interior, which was likely dirty with sweat, natural hair oils and hair creams. Showers and bathing were only once a week or once every two weeks therefore hair was not as clean as we keep it today.

hat trend for 2018-2019
Wall Hat Rack

The previous hat etiquette was men always removed their hats when indoors as well as any time the national anthem was played. Once a hat was removed either someone took it with his over coat or many hat hooks were on walls and near restaurant tables to accommodate wearers. As some people may remember church pews having hat clips so that church goers could simply clip their hat to the back of the pew in front of them. If a man did not remove his hat when indoors, he was look upon as rude and ill mannered. Women’s hats were a part of her outfit therefore, not removing a hat was understood as it likely took her a great amount of time to prepare for the outing.

The royal family of England has a hat rule of removing all hats by 6:00pm. As a highly traditional establishment this is followed by all royal members and guests of the royal family even now.

So what is expected today? Again, when in doubt, just remove your hat.

Hats today are a symbol of individually and not so much function or purpose. A sun hat or knitted beanie serves an important function however they need not be removed upon entering indoors, however for comfort it is nice to removed them. When the national anthem is played it is very nice to see and a welcoming sight showing respect, when people removing their hats.

When removing a hat, use the crown not the brim. Again when putting it back on, hold the crown not the brim. Unless it is a floppy hat or very large brim, then using both hands by the brim will work. Set the hat preferably crown down but it does look much better setting it on a table or chair, brim down.

For indoors with a fedoras and trilby hats it can be tipped back on the wearers head in order to show more face when indoors or at a table with others. This conveys an expression for conversation and an openness. Wide brim hats should be removed as they are ‘wide’ and can be too much when worn indoors for others to see around or the brim could go into other peoples space. As an act of kindness, remove the hat so that others are more comfortable.

hat trend for 2018-2019

The only time a sun hat and wide brim hat are to remain on is at a outdoor wedding by the wedding party and guests or an outdoor event as it is a part of the wearer outfit. Removing the hat would ruin the look.




How to store a hat?

hat trend for 2018-2019
Hat Rack

Storing your favorite seasonal hat is always best placed upside down in the box it came in. This will keep the brim in shape and add tissue under the brim to retain best shape. Place the hat shaper into the crown base. Close the lid as to keep any dust or debris from going into the fibers of the hat. If the hat is being stored in a humid environment, place one to two silica gel packs to endure no mold or mildew will grow.

For the ‘go to’ hat, find a special hat rack, wall hook or floor stand. Place it where you can easily grab it on the way out and again where you can easily place it back upon returning home. hat trend for 2018-2019

As always, enjoy wearing hats and encourage others to get into it, too.


July 12, 2018

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