2 HAT Podcasts & A Side of Family Guy

hat podcasts

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Hat Podcasts; by Omnibus, Radio Lab and Family Guy.

As I am always keeping an eye and an ear out for anything hats, here are my favorites.  Two podcasts I regularly listen to have done a whole show on hats. Have a listen as they are very well done and very entertaining. Last but not least is Family Guy’s podcast…

Podcast #omnibus Hat Etiquette (Entry 571.1C1104) @omnibus 

John Roderick and Ken Jennings remind future listeners the do’s and don’ts when wearing hats ‘if they have heads’. Certificate #25200. Great podcast of strange-but-true stories as time capsule formats of the Earth and the Earthlings during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Radio Lab The Boss of The Plain @radiolab 

John B Stetson call the image of the cowboy hat. Jonnie Hughes has three stories on how the cowboy came to dominate the American Plains during the mid 1860’s.

And of course, we cannot leave out Family Guy-Peter Griffin’s Podcast About Hats Season12, Episode 9  #familyguy  Peter’s podcast … that’s about it.

Hats have been around for a long time, for head protection, uniforms, status symbols and fashion. As long as there are heads to cover, there will be hats.

Thank you for the great podcasts on hats for the information and entertainment.hat podcasts

written by URBRIMS



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