Rossdale Hat is a Retro Floppy Style

floppy hat

floppy hatURBRIMS Rossdale retro, floppy hat. Back in style from the 1960’s and 1970’s the floppy hat was often referred to as a ‘hippy hat’ and seen at Woodstock.

The wonderful retro floppy hat is back in style and with vengeance.  The floppy hat has a casual, easy flow with a large, wavy brim and simple dome crown. Visit the hat shop.

Wear the Rossdale floppy hat with confidence as an instant, relaxed, easy going look.  A great way to dress down a suit or dress up jeans, with the Rossdale’s floppy, wide brim hat.

Our recent cooler weather Rossdale of made from 100% beaver fur felt. This choice of the beaver fur felt has a rough appearance as the surface of the hat has not been smoothed down.  The appearance is like no other yet medium to lightweight for comfort.

All URBRIMS hats are lined and the Rossdale linings have an outgoing appeal, reflecting the 60′ and 70’s era. Colorful lining are fun and vibrant with only the wearer knowing this exciting appeal.

The Rossdale is a casual hat that can be worn and suitable for any time of year.  Wonderful for sun protection as it covers the face and neck with the wide brim and as a great winter hat.  It is best to remove the Rossdale wide brim hat indoors at restaurants or house party.  It looks amazing at events and functions such as outdoor weddings, outdoor cafes and outdoor markets.

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